Drinking Water

Drinking Water


Drinking water in Oneida and the greater Green Bay area comes from three general sources:

1.    Local municipal water supplies
2.    Oneida community wells
3.    Private wells 

Municipal Water Supplies: Oneida community water quality standards are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pursuant to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulates the standards for the local municipal systems. For more information about your municipal water supplies contact the Oneida Utilities Department at (920) 497-5806 or the local Department of Natural Resources at (920) 662-5100.

Private Wells: If you drink or cook with water from a private well, annual bacteriological testing is recommended. Fluoride and Nitrates may be found naturally in your water supply, and testing is also recommended. Fluoride in the correct amounts will benefit your children's dental health. Presence of nitrates may interfere with blood’s ability to carry oxygen, thus causing symptoms of suffocation or “blue baby syndrome” in infants.

If your private well water is found to have coliform bacteria, your well will need to be chlorinated and retested. If your water is found to have nitrates, you may need to drill a new well or use bottled water for your babies first year of life. If your fluoride content is too low, you may need to add fluoride supplements to your child's diet.

Oneida Nation Residents: Oneida Tribal members living within the reservation boundaries are eligible under certain circumstances for free water testing for coliform bacteria. Other water testing such as arsenic, iron, fluoride, nitrates, etc. may be requested by all residents residing within the reservation for a small fee.

To inquire about this testing or other drinking water questions, contact Jennifer Falck, Tribal Sanitarian  at 920-896-4558.