Invasive Plants

AerialSpraypulling loosestrife

The main goal of the Oneida Environmental, Health & Safety’s Invasive Species Program is to help maintain biodiversity. We do this through the control of invasive species. These non-native plants, animals and pathogens displace native species, disrupt ecosystems, and can harm recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and hiking. They also damage commercial, agricultural, and aquaculture resources. Because they lack the predators and competitors they faced in their homelands, invasive species can spread rapidly and aggressively. By controlling invasive species, we hope to favor native species, allowing them to re-establish diverse communities and benefit the other organisms that depend on them.

The public can help by contacting us with information regarding where invasive plants are growing or with any questions. You can also assist by volunteering at events set up to control invasive species.

For more information about invasive plants contact Tony Kuchma, Environmental Specialist at 920-869-4592. 

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