The Oneida Reservation is the year-round home for dozens of mammal species. From star-nosed moles to ground squirrels, voles to otters, raccoons to tree squirrels, weasels to jumping mice, foxes to bears, rabbits to deer; home is here. Included are burrowing mammals, hibernating mammals, aquatic mammals, and mammals of forest and forest edge communities. Management of reservation communities will consider this rich diversity to ensure that it is maintained for future generations to enjoy.

The Environmental Health & Safety Division staff have done a number of surveys and data collection efforts pertaining to the wildlife species on the Oneida Reservation. Information includes species identification of birds, mammals, and waterfowl of both game and non game species, that may be observe on the Oneida Nation lands. In the future, there will up-dated reports of rare or uncommon species that are utilizing our habitat for annual migration or to establish a new home range. A Wildlife Management Plan will also be prepared regarding management, harvests, and enhancement efforts for habitat improvement of the surrounding area for wildlife to prosper.

For more infomation about wildlife on the reservation, please contact Shad Webster at (920) 869-1450.

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