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Black Capped

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Red Headed


The diversity of habitats from wetlands to upland forest provides breeding and refuge for nearly 200 bird species on the Reservation. In addition to the game species like pheasants, wild turkeys, and ruffedgrouse, large numbers of nongame species live here year round while some make use of the area in migration and others make the Reservation their winter home. Many of the bird species making use of Reservation habitats for breeding are becoming rare elsewhere. These include wetland birds such as great egrets, pied-billed grebes, black terns, and least bitterns; grassland birds such as bobolinks, eastern meadowlarks, vesper sparrows, field sparrows, and sedge wrens; and forest birds like the eastern wood peewee, gray catbird, mourning warbler, American redstart, Baltimore oriole, and scarlet tanager.


Bird Observations for the Oneida Reservation 2006-2008.

Oneida Wetland Birds for birds specific to wetland habitats.

Forest Birds of Oneida for birds found in Oneida forest habitiat.

Grassland Birds of Oneida for birds found in Oneida's grassland habitat.


Guides to Local Birds

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Owls of Oneida 


Wading Birds 

Oneida's Common Backyard Birds 

Hunted Waterfowl