Oneida Food Distribution Center 

The Food Distribution Center is concerned with all the issues that Oneida community members with low income face, including limited education, unemployment and low self-esteem. That is why our goals are more than just supplying food. The Food Distribution Center fights hunger by giving our community people a 'hands up' and not a'hand out'. 

We are doing this by 

  Providing the community nutritional information to help reduce the impacts of health issues and increase or sustaining a quality of life around healthy food consumption. 
  Provide outreach information to assist clients to access other programs that can help meet their needs. 
    Provide free delivery service to elderly, disabled and respond emergency situations when needed. 

Hours of Operation


The Food Distribution Center is open for services during the following weekdays and times. Please note the  "Exceptions" below. 

Monday- Thursday: 
   >   8:00 am-12 :00 pm   
   >  1 :00 pm-4:00 pm 

8:00 am-12 :00 pm 

Closed on the Oneida Tribe’s designated holidays (Holiday Observance Schedule)


Friday afternoons are reserved for deliveries to elderly, handicapped, and emergency situations.

The last five working days of the month are only open to receive applications and help clients with the application process. 

Applying for Assistance  

Click Application Process to learn how you can apply for assistance from the Food Distribution Center. 



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