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Community Health - CHRs



Mission Statement


"The goal of the Community Health Representative (CHR) Program is to improve the access of Native Americans to health care through provision of Community Health Services in multiple settings utilizing indigenous, community based, well trained, supervised para-professional health care providers."


1. The primary objective of the CHR is to deliver effective community health care to meet important community health needs of a defined tribal population. It is to be emphasized that CHR’s do not just provide transportation.


2. These services are to be delivered primarily by indigenous para-professional health personnel with at least a minimum degree of generalized or specialized health care training and demonstrated sensitivity to the cultural aspects of health, including traditional native concepts. Training will be on-going and required.


3. Although a number of management, supervisory, and training personnel for the support of the CHR Program are necessary, the majority of CHR employees are required to provide patient/Client and/ or other community health services.


4. Community Health Representatives are not intended to replace clinical or technical support personnel in the clinic. The technical/ clinical tasks they perform in such settings are expected to be incidental to their primary functions.


5. Tribal Communities are intended to be given maximal permissible discretion in establishing the priority of their communities health care needs and directing CHR resources to address these needs within the broad precepts and administrative guidelines and requirements which govern the utilization or CHR resources.



The Oneida Community Health Representative program has four CHR positions. The CHR program is supervised by the Community/ Public Health Nursing Team Leader.