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Obstetrics and Gynecology



Oneida Community Health Center

525 Airport Drive

Oneida, WI 54155


Hours Staff



OB-GYN Prevea Providers

Dr. Robert Southwick, MD

Dr. Brian Dobbins, MD

Dr. Rob Moyer, MD

Dr. Tom Mahoney, MD

Dr. Karen Tammela, MD

Five Days per Week Registered Nurses


Obstetric Eligibility

Patients must be members of a federally recognized Tribe or Alaska Native Group. The only exception to this a non-native woman pregnant with a native child may receive care for their pregnancy in the clinic. The fathers’ eligibility and verification must be provided.


Obstetric Services

OB Screening and Prenatal Care Education (Baby Care, Lamaze, Breastfeeding)

Pre-natal/OB Care

Post-Partum Care through six weeks postpartum

OB Nurse Triage

Transportation Services to Appointments


Gynecology Eligibility

Gynecology services are provided to patients who are referred by an Oneida Community Health Center Primary Care Provider only.

Gynecology Services

Address issues such as but not limited to:

Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding

Female Reproductive Issues

Birth Control Options not Offered by Primary Physicians

Female Sterilization

In-house procedures performed for this department are:


Endometrial Biopsy


Non Stress Testing

Cyst Drainage and Removal

Patients may be billed for off-site laboratory services related to these procedures.


Prenatal Care Coordinator

The onsite Prenatal Care Coordinator (PNCC) provides:

Initial assessments for pregnant women.

Teaches classes to meet patient needs.

Directs Eligible Patients to other resources such as WIC and Medical Assistance.

Referrals made Offsite


Surgical Procedures

Scheduled Cesarean Births

Maternal High Risk (Gestational Diabetes)

Maternal Fetal Medicine (Abnormal genetic testing, abnormal ultrasounds)