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Mission Statement

The mission of the WIC/Nutrition Department is to promote quality nutrition information to members of the Oneida Community. Nutrition education, counseling, and consulting services are available by Registered Dietitians to established Tribal Programs and people of all ages. The focus of nutrition education will incorporate and respect individual Native American needs and beliefs. The WIC/Nutrition Department also strives to link clients to other health care and social services that, in conjunction with improved nutrition, promote healthy lifestyles.

Nutrition Services
Diet Counseling: individual appointments are available with a referral from a physician or medical provider, to people of all ages for normal or therapeutic diet education.

Group Nutrition Education: is available upon request, for a variety of nutrition topics by RD's.

Consulting Services: are provided by an RD to Oneida Head Start, Child Care, Schools, AJNH, and the Elderly Feeding Programs.

Quarterly Diabetic Luncheon:

Held 3rd Thursday’s in March-June-September-December, at the Parish Hall from

11:45 am – 1:00 pm.  This event includes: a stretch, diabetes-related education and a healthy meal. Participation is limited to 40, please call the WIC/Nutrition office at 920-869-4829, to reserve a seat the week of event.


WIC Program
The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program is the Special Supplemental Food Program funded by the USDA and the State of WI to improve the nutrition and health status of low and limited income participants. It serves income eligible pregnant, breast-feeding, post-partum women (up to six months), infants and children under five years of age.

Appointments for services are available by calling 869-4829.



Oneida Community Health Center,

 525 Airport Dr.

 Oneida, WI 54155

*Consulting Services- provided at Oneida Head Start, Child Care, Tribal Schools, Elderly Services, and Anna John Nursing Home.



(920)869-4829 Jackie Metoxen, WIC Specialist, Health Center WIC/Nutrition Dept.

(920)869-4837 Susan Higgs, RD, CLC, WIC/Nutrition Director

(920)869-4853 Jill Caelwaerts, Consultant Dietitian

(920)869-4854 Elizabeth Schwantes, Certified Diabetes Educator Dietitian

(920)869-4836 Beth Scheelk, WIC/Outpatient Dietitian, Certified Lactation Consultant



8:00-4:30pm (incl., lunch hour), M-F.