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Funding Process

1. Students who wish to be considered for Oneida Higher Education funds are required to have the following documents completed and on file prior to the end of semester/term.

  • Oneida Higher Education Application
  •  Oneida Higher Education Academic Plan
  •  Participant Acknowledgment and Agreement Form
  •  Copy of College Admission or Acceptance Letter
  •  Financial Review Form (Oneida H.E. sends this form directly to the school’s financial aid office for completion, which will be completed based off of the appropriate FAFSA (Students taking 5 or less credits/term are not required to have this form).
  •  Copy of Last Grade Report (for continuing students only)

2. Students who have all the required documents in their files will be reviewed and awarded in order of completion. It is important to have files completed as early as possible to ensure funding is received in a timely manner. The Oneida Higher Education average awarding time is 10 working days.

3. An Oneida Higher Education award letter listing the Oneida grant amount(s) will be mailed to the student, with a copy sent to the school’s financial aid office.

4. Oneida Higher Education funding will be based on an August 1 to July 31 academic school year.

5. The Oneida Higher Education grant can award up to $20,000 per academic year as determined by the school’s standard cost of attendance and the Oneida Higher Education guidelines.

6. The Oneida Higher Education grant award will be sent directly to the school for disbursement. Each school has their own policy regarding the release of financial aid funds in which the student must abide by.

IMPORTANT: Students are advised NOT to start school/classes until they receive the Oneida Higher Education Grant Award Letter. Students who choose to start prior to the receipt of the Oneida award letter are responsible for any incurred costs.