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Colors VideoColors in the Oneida Language                     

  /uploadedImages/charliethetalkingbear.jpg    Greetings with Charlie the Talking Bear                              

Thanksgiving AddressThe Thanksgiving Address 

 /uploadedImages/countingfrog.jpgCharlie the Talking Frog   Body Parts in Oneida Body Parts   

  /uploadedImages/fishusedtobeplenitful.jpg Fish Used to be Plentiful  Tastes in Oneida Tastes                   

 /uploadedImages/hecarriesthenews.jpg He Carries the News The Water LilyWater Lily                                           

   /uploadedImages/carpenter(1).jpg Carpenter /uploadedImages/hedragsthepole.jpgDrags the Pole                                   

    /uploadedImages/mightyhunter.jpg Mighty Hunter   /uploadedImages/nightghost.jpgGhost                                            

  /uploadedImages/oneidasatwork.jpg Oneidas at Work  /uploadedImages/plantingbythemoon.jpg Planting                            

   /uploadedImages/oneidalanguage.jpg Oneida Language Project puppets ANA Puppet Show