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Shekoli Swakwek'kha Kanunya?shu'ha-Earth Dances I& II
For Hotinoshoni, People of the Longhouse, social dancing is an expression of happiness, thankfulness, and good health.” Long before Hotinoshoni hosted powwows, they gathered to celebrate at Social Dances. Accompanied by water drum and cow horn rattles, the songs and dances are centuries old and passed down through an oral tradition. They celebrate the seasons, events, and Hotinoshoni culture.
The Oneida Nation High School Iroquois Music Class has earned quite an outstanding reputation! In 2008 the students took FIRST PLACE at the Wisconsin District Solo Ensemble. They have traveled from coast to coast, California then across to Florida. They also went to Washington DC, and Hilo, Hawaii. If your child chooses to take this course, I guarantee he/she will gain a stronger sense of identity along with enhancement of their knowledge of the Hotinoshoni language & culture.

Hotinoshoni Women Studies
This exciting course has been available to the Oneida Nation High School female students since 2009. This course supports the Hotinoshoni oral traditions and offers a wide spectrum of culture-based curriculum. For example:
• Cooking traditional foods
• Cycle of Ceremonies/Thanksgiving Address
• Field trips to cultural events
• Inspirational guest speakers
• Critical thinking discussions
• Daily self-reflection journaling
• Self-esteem/Self Concept Building
• Community service/Volunteer work
• Organic planting & harvesting school garden

High expectations are set for each student by themselves and those around them. As a high school teacher, it is my responsibility to assist in the natural transition of the relatively-sheltered world of elementary school to the competitive world of higher education and/or college.
My personal goal for each and every student:
• Feel supported
• Learn boundaries & expectations
• Develop strong sense of identity
• Become empowered by our rich language & culture

Kal^na?kehtskwas Nicole Brooks