Kahletsyalusla - The heartfelt encouragement of the best in each of us. If we are to consider and discuss the current situations within our communities and nation we do need to extend encouragement that will allow us to hear each other no matter the message. This foundational understanding is to literally put courage into each of us to exert patience as we listen to each other.  Encouragement to learn is the gain comfort in taking the risk to learn to new concepts while renewing our support for each other to improve our vision and steps toward our goals as students and staff of the High School.

Kanolukhwasla Compassion, caring, identity and joy of being - The heartfelt forgiveness which comes from the unconditional love of life and each other as people; this is so needed today. This collective thought allows us to embrace each other no matter the result since together, each other is all we really have in this life. Everyone has purpose and everyone has a place within our Nation family. If we are to consider framing the current state of our efforts to improve our learning family; it also means that we need to extend the compassion to listen to the stories of how we have arrived at this point in time. To know and embrace current situations is how we set new courses and direction with our efforts to understand each other. 

Ka? nikuhli yo The openness of the good spirit and mind Our greatest challenge is to hear each other when we come together. Many times everyone wants to be heard first before listening. Our foundational currency has always been our patience, insuring that everyone is heard in some fashion. Our daily exercise or challenge to grow is how we apply our good mind and spirit in our interactions as individuals, families and as a nation. Our school improvement initiative will require us to be consistent in how we come together and learn how to listen and interact with each other in order to respond to our learning challenges. Our confidence will grow throughout the school year as we learn how celebrate our achievements as individual students, classes and together as a school.

Ka?tshatst^sla The strength of belief and vision as a People - (Belief, Attitude, Behavior and Actions ) Our ability to renew our energy as a learning family is at the root of this core value. Our challenge is to have vision and commitment at the most challenging of times. Our core values have provided us guidance at the times most needed and as we move forward this school year, we have to extend our belief in each other that we have the best intent to do the best work for our future as individuals, students, classes and as a school family. It is a reminder much like the bond arrows symbol that represents the strength of working together; together our efforts are magnified and the impact of our achievements are positive as a school.

Kalihwi yo The use of good words about ourselves, our Nation and our future- Our ability to communicate with each other is our strength as individuals, families and as a nation of families.  The use of good words also means that we are selective in our choice of words that will describe our relationships, interactions and our accountability to each other. The messages that we share daily shape behavior and actions. As a measure of school improvement daily we commit to begin our learning journey with a good mind, prepared and on time for class.   To embrace good words means that we are raising our standard of accountability to each other as participants in a family of learners.