Outdoor Adv
"Explore, Learn, Play, Get Outside!" 

Using our equipment or yours, we are able to guide you through experiences that expand the mind and challenge the body. These dynamic programs will not only allow people to rely on one another, they also emphasizes personal growth. 

Adventure Programs can benefit individuals or groups. GPS, kayaking, rock climbing, caving, navigation/orienteering, canoeing or a combination of these are some of the many programs that we offer. We take our learning Outdoors! Participants will learn what it means to challenge themselves in an ever-changing environment. Participants will have the unique opportunity to explore new activities that can have lasting impacts for a lifetime. Our trained facilitators have the expertise to individualize a meaningful, educational and transferable experience for your group. Whether it is private, semiprivate program, or large corporate program, we customize to you!  Our program times vary according to the activity selected. Programs may run from an hour experience to a multiple day adventure. 

GPS Using a Global Positioning Satelite (GPS) and two way radios provided by our department, we will provide a course with various challenges, objectives, and complications the team will have to work through. You will need to use strategy and your team's gifts to navigate from one point to another locating treasures and solving puzzles along the way. This program is based on the recreational sport of Geocaching which has over 300 media articles and 30,000 hiden caches around the world! This is a great program to take your organization to the next level. This program can be provided at your location or at ours! A great adventure for those who may want to keep their feet on the ground.

Canoeing Enjoy a river float down a scenic river or experience the thrill of white water canoeing. Enhance your trip with animal and plant identification. See how the environment teaches lessons of life. Join our instructors as they guide you through a memorable, educational experience.

Camping We offer summer as well as winter camping expeditions. Learn primitive skills, hiking, water sports or choose to combine any of our outdoor adventure options with a camping trip!

Caving Join our spelunking team in exploring caves. Learn about rock formations, history of the cave, geology, insects and wild life while pushing your comfort zone in the natural crevices created by nature.

Survival Skills From rope making, to fire starting, our creative instructors have the knowledge to provide the skills you will need to survive in the wilderness. Learn to make primitive shelters, food, purify water and many other life saving skills.

Navigation / Orieteering Using compass skills, learn to orient yourself to your surroundings. Learn skills to get from one place to another without getting lost. We can teach orienteering with multiple modes of travel; hiking, sea kayaking or canoeing, we will provide opportunities for you to put your skills to use.

Discover the adventure and tranquility of this area!  A group campsite will be provided and staff will be available to help with campfires and games, guided kayak tours and instruction.  Participants will bring their own camping gear and provide their own meals.  Biking and hiking trails are numerous for your own enjoyment.  Evenings will bring campfire games/stories.

PADDLE LAKE SUPERIOR - APOSTLE ISLANDS NATIONAL LAKE SHORE It is your time to paddle the largest, clearest and most pristine of the Great Lakes.  Surround yourself in breath taking beauty while paddling crystal clear water and exploring sea caves, hiking an island forest by wood plank trails and enjoying meals prepared by your campsite fire on Sand Island.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  Under the instruction and guidance of our staff, you can experience this event!  Boat, paddle and PFD aslo provided.

Snowshoeing Learn to build primitive snowshoes or use modern ones we have on hand. Enjoy our local 6 miles of snowshoeing trails or choose to take a trip to a location that will surely be as serene and beautiful as one can imagine! 


Mark Steinbach - Department Director and Adventure Instructor

490-3846     msteinba@oneidanation.org

Cindy Young - Department Supervisor and Adventure Instructor

490-3863     cyoung@oneidanation.org

Kip Miller - Adventure Instructor
490-3810     kmiller@oneidanation.org

Shannon Steif - Adventure Instructor

490-3818     ssteif@oneidanation.org