Corporate Groups

LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENTNT increase productivity EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION stress management CREATIVE THINKING problem solving CONFLICT RESOLUTION resiliency LIFE LONG LEARNING appreciation of differences PARADIGM SHIFTS healthy relationships SELF-CONFIDENCE trust coworkers SHARED VISION lower turnover RECOGNIZE TALENTS
"Individuals become a team, ideas become communication, and problems become solutions."

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Rope & Challenge Course For basic team building concepts to organizational change, we strive to customize a program that is meaningful, educational and transferable to the work setting. Using a pre assessment to gather company or organization specific information, we design activities that target the needs of each individual, company or department. The activities are designed to maintain the dignity of each individual on the team and are all challenge by choice. This information is transferred to the work setting in an applicable, meaningful manner. We have programming options for all adventure levels.  Climbing  (click to view flyer)


PortableWant us to come to you? Using our portable initiative games and The Roaming Stone portable climbing wall, we create a meaningful, educational training option at a site convenient to you. The Roaming Stone climbing wall is the perfect training or recreational option to enhance any get together or corporate program. With a 360 degree climbing surface, we can have up to 4 individuals climb at the same time.
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 GPS Adventure Using a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and two way radios provided by our department, we will provide a course with various challenges, objectives, and complications the team will have to work through. You will need to use strategy and your teams gifts to navigate from one point to another locating treasures and solving puzzles along the way. This program is based on the recreational sport of Geocaching which has over 300 media articles and 30,000 hidden caches around the world! This is a great program to take your organization to the next level. This program can be provided at your location or at ours! A great adventure for those who may want to keep their feet on the ground.   Outdoor Adventure  (click to view flyer)
Recreational Join in the fun and schedule a recreational program with your friends or coworkers. Allow our facilitators to create a program to challenge your skills, stimulate your mind, spark laughter and create camaraderie in your group. Using fun and engaging activities, your group will learn that working together is a great way to achieve goals. End the day with the option to climb the various high elements the Oneida Ropes Course has to offer.  Climbing  (Click to view flyer)


Mark Steinbach - Department Director and Adventure Instructor


Cindy Young - Department Supervisor and Adventure Instructor


Kip Miller - Adventure Instructor

Shannon Steif - Adventure Instructor