ARRA Grants Submitted by Oneida

Agency & Title

Department/Program & Project Description


U.S. Dept of Transportation

Construction of Transit Garage, vehicle storage & routine vehicle maintenance


BIA Indian Reservations Roads (Formula allocation)

Seminary Rd, Elderly Housing near Florist Dr., Rolling Hills


Wisconsin Arts Board, National Endowment for Arts

Arts Program Intern position throughout the year


Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration, Native American Program

Project provides access and employment enhancement services to low income, unemployed, and underemployed adults from the Oneida community, thus improving the quality of life for those individuals & their families



DOI Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Facilities Management and Construction (Formula allocation)

Replacement of roof on the Oneida Nation Elementary School


DHHS Headstart/Early Headstart (Formula Allocation)

COLA monies will help with the overmatch that the tribe is paying in labor and fringe benefits. Quality Improvement monies for training, playground equipment, transportation for children, hire part time staff.


DOJ Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)

Oneida Police Department will hire two full-time officers to enhance community safety and increase support of crime prevention.



DOJ Tribal Resources Grant Program

Oneida Police Dept. Equipment, Dispatch center, funding for Multijurisdictional training and Conference for Crimes against Children in Indian Country



Commerce NOAA Coastal & Marine Habitat Restoration

Water Resources Program proposes to enhance and restore the main branch and tributaries of Silver Creek from County U, Adam Drive, South Overland downstream to Florist Drive.



Wis DPI grant

Economic Stimulus Funding Nat’l School Lunch Program – NSLP Equipment Grant

Grant used to improve the quality of school food service meals that meet the dietary guidelines. Equipment must be purchased within 90 days of award.



OVW Recovery Act

Dept of Justice/Office of Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence Program plus OHA Transitional Living, additional case worker. To increase the number of women & their children who have recovered from the impact of DV/SA and are living safer, economically independent


$1 Million

OVW Recovery Act, Dept of Justice/Office of Violence Against Women Transitional Housing Assistance grants

Transitional Housing Assistance grants for victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, stalking or sexual assault. To assist women and their children recovering from DV/SA by providing stable & safe homes, support for their economic independence, wellness & connection to the community.




U.S. Department of Justice/ Bureau of Justice Assistance to Rural Law Enforcement to Combat Crime and Drugs Competitive Grant


Oneida Police Department submitted a proposal under Category IV – Facilitating Rural Justice Information Sharing. The purpose of this project is to purchase a FoxComm High Performance Mobile Data System and Mobile Radios. This project will require an extensive coordination plan that will include 26 local law enforcement agencies and multiple state and several federal agencies.




last updated 6/30/09