This is a list of the employees at the Oneida Nation Community Education Center.  Please feel free to call us or e-mail us at any time. 


Administration/Support Staff 

Katherine Melchert, Interim Office Manager & Administrative Assistant (496-5252) 


GED Teachers 

Shana Parker, Teacher Supervisor (496-5234)   

Doug Younkle, Teacher (496-5257) 

Jerry Butler, Teacher (496-5256) 


Computer Instructors 

Lynn Schmidt, Instructor Supervisor (496-5251) 

Nathan Plitzuweit, Instructor (496-5249) 



Shannon Stone, Marketing Coordinator (496-5258) 



 2632 South Packerland Drive • Green Bay, WI 54313 • (920) 496-5260 • FAX (920) 496-7879This page is updated by a staff member at the Oneida Nation Community Education Center.
If you have any questions, please contact us.