PASS: High School Credits at the Oneida Nation Community Education Center

With a contract from your high school, we can assist you in getting a 1/2 credit using PASS units


To complete PASS units:

1. The school Guidance Counselor should determine the number and type of credits needed.

2. The contract is completed. Upon payment of the fee or proof of fee waiver eligibility, the student is issued course materials, and may begin work. (Fees are waived for Native American students and employees of the Oneida Tribe.)

3. The amount of time needed to complete 1/2 credit is dependent upon the student’s reading and comprehension ability. Contracts are issued for one year.

4. Arrangements can be made for students, parents, or others to pick up units. When access to the Center is a problem, tests may be proctored by school personnel or social workers. Tests are then sent back to the Center for grading. Unit work also must be sent back to the Center.

5. Students complete 5 units and take five tests for each half credit.

6. Notes taken by the student while working through the units may be used on the tests.

7. Tests are checked by staff and percentage scores are sent to the contract school. The school assigns the course grade.

8. The contract school issues credit at the successful completion of the PASS units on the contract.

Click here to get a list of the PASS courses offered at the Community Education Center.

New students must be a Tribal member or a Tribal employee’s family member to qualify for the program at no cost. All other students will be charged a fee. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. You can speak to any of the teachers: Jerry, Dorothy, Jane, or Doug.


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