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Culture & Revit

A. Land Claims

   1. Docket 300 filed for land claims in 1951, signed by Julus Danforth, Chair and Mamie Smith, Secretary. (In 1977, the courts awarded 3.3 million , but GTC withdrew claim from court because of the land claims court suits filed in 1970).
   2. Oneida files New York land claims court cases , 1970’s

   3. 1985 Supreme Court Decision on New York land claims, resolution continues to be discussed

B. Oneida Ceremonies 1950’s

C. Last GTC meeting was translated into Oneida 1950

D. Oneida’s in Korean War 1953

E. Indian Relocation Act 1954

F. New Tribal Logo

G. Language Revitalization 1970

   1. 1970’s Title VII Bilingual Education Act 

   2. The Oneida Nation School System 1979

   3. Oneida Language Program

H. Culture Revitalization

   1. 1978 Religious Freedom Act

   2. Trips to Canada for Cultural/Ceremony sharing and learning