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Van den Bogaert

Meyndertsz Van Den Bogaert was 18 years old when he was posted to Fort Orange, which today is Albany.  He had traveled to the Mohawk and Oneida villages in from December 11, 1634 to January 21, 1635 and chronicle his journey.  Van den Bogaert referred to villages as castles and journaled everything from his physical journey from village to village, living quarters, the food stored, healing medicines and his relationships with tribal people.  Below is an excerpt from the book A Journey into Mohawk and Oneida Country 1634-1635 by Charles T. Gehring and William A Starna.  Syracuse University Press 1988

PRAISE THE LORD ABOVE ALL IN THE CASTLE ONNEYUTTEHAGE (99) Note 99 - Onneyuttehage is onvyote?a:ka, the people of the standing stone, the Oneida, the Iroquois group located immediately west of the Mohawks (cf. Campisi 1978)

1 January.  An Indian once again called us scoundrels, as has been previously told, and he was very malicious so that Willem Tomassen became so angry that the tears ran from his eyes.  The Indian seeing that we were upset, asked us why we looked at him with such anger.  We were sitting during this time with their 46 persons around and near us.  Had they had any malicious intentions, they could have easily grabbed us with their hands and killed us without much trouble.  However, when I had heard his screaming long enough, I told him that he was the scoundrel.  He began to laugh and said that he was not angry and said, "You must not be angry.  We are happy that you have come here."  Jeronimus gave the chief two knives, two sissors, and some awls and needles that we had with us.  In the evening the Indians hung up a belt of sewant and some other strung sewant that the chief had brought back from the French Indians as a token of peace that the French Indians were free to com among them. 

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A Description from the Ven den Bogaert Family web page: "Our immigrant ancestor this line was Annetie's gr-gr=grandfather, the Doctor Harmense Myndert van den Bogaert who embarked from Zeeland in 1631 via the ship "Endraght". He was ship's surgeon and later surgeon of Ft. Orange, but performed many other services for the colony, including collaborator, trader, and friend of the Indians"

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