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Homeless Oneidas

Excerpt from interview with Loretta Metoxen, Oneida Tribal Historian December 2008 

The Oneidas that had remained after all the families had dispersed were considered Homeless because all the land had been given up. I don’t know where they were living but I think they were probably living with the Onondagas and with the Tuscarora. There were none that were living on the Oneida territory. There was no more oneida land left.

The Chiefs in Wisconsin had sent word to the Homeless in New York families to come to Michigan territory because of the land purchase from the Menominee Tribe.  There were about 200 people in the group that arrived in 1841.  The unfortunate thing was that once they arrived, they were persecuted by the Oneidas that were here in Wisconsin. The Oneidas that resided here would drive off their cattle, use their wood,and generally persecuted them. It was settled when the Homeless were included with all other Oneidas and alloted through the Dawes Allotment Act.

The following is a page from the census taken 40 years later of the individuals who were considered Homeless.  It is not known why they had not been included with those folks in census counts of previous years. 

 Homeless List