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Diary of J and J

Excerpt from interview with Loretta Metoxen, Oneida Historian

Joseph Powless and John Archiquette kept diaries/journals about communitiy happenings starting in the middle of the 1800s. They would journal everything from births and deaths to a dog attacking a pig.  They were both Oneida police men established by the Chiefs, to keep peace in the community. Oscar Archiquette translated his father's work into english. Both Joseph and John were literate and their writings give a wonderful example of what life was like.

Below are scanned pages of their diaries that had been typed from the original journals.

 Joseph Powless - 1840

JP 10

Joseph Powless - 1842

JP 0 cropped


John Archiquette translated into English by his son, Oscar Archiquette - 1868

JP 1 fix

JP 2


JP 3


JP 4


JP 5


JP 6


JP 7


JP 8


JP 9