Department of Public Works



Bruce Danforth,  Area Manager


The responsibilities of the Area Manager are to provide leadership and direction to the DPW Managers which include Administration, Automotive, Grounds Keeping, Facility Management, Custodial and the Plumbing Department.  It is the Area Managers responsibility to assure that all Tribal Facilities and Infrastructure meet required Health and Safety Codes of the Nation, maintain all assets of the Oneida Tribe, development and implement of departmental mission and goals, standard operating procedures, and the fiduciary responsibility of the department budget.  Implementation monitoring, oversight and direction of all functions of DPW and most of the tribe.  Work cooperatively with Local, State, and Federal agencies, Insure that DPW is meeting the needs of the Customer, Employees, and the Community at large. Work closely with the Tribal Departments and Tribal Government. Work with staff on developing continuous improvement training, personal development, skilled trades, Oneida Language and Culture, Professional Licenses, and Safety training for equipment use large and small.  There is a total of one hundred and eighty-five (185) employees within the Department.  This is just a small note of the responsibilities of the DPW ARea Manager.  YawΔko for visiting the site of the Department of Public Works.

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