DPW sign


  • Shannon King, Executive Assistant

Assists the Area Manager with the daily operations of DPW.  Also works with all departmental managers in the areas of Human Resources and employee matters.  Provides administrative support to include development of short and long term goals and objectives for the department consistent with the Tribal Goals and objectives. Develops implementation strategies and schedules to ensure execution of goals and objectives. Coordinates and manages special projects and assists in the writing and developing of departmental Policies and Procedures.

  • Bobbi Jo King, Operations Analyst

Assists all departments of Public Works Business Units with financial planning and development of fiscal year budgets, operational plans, standard operating procedures, goals, objectives and funding requirements. As well as providing assistance with completion of Tribal forms, contracts and acts as an information/referral source of financial matters. The Operations Analyst implements and monitors internal accounting standard operating procedures, including monthly internal accounting standard operating procedures, including monthly variance reports and correspondence regarding budgetary questions required for the Treasurer's Report and the Tribal Treasurer.

  • Paula King, Plumbing Admin Assistant III

Performs daily administrative functions by Accounting procedure standards.  Responsible for writing contracts for all vendors.

  • Lindsay Powless, Admin Assistant

Responsible for the switchboard for the Department of Public Works and ensuring all calls are transferred to the appropriate person.  Responsible  for ordering all office supplies for the building as well as bookings for the events at the Parish Hall.

  • Rick Fuss, Fleet Manager

The Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin Department of Public Works Fleet Department  takes care  of 240 + vehicles. The fleet department will work with all departments within the Oneida Tribal Structure on budgeting for new vehicles and put old ones up for sale.  The sale for vehicles is normally in September/October dependent on how many vehicles we have at that time.

  • Dale Powless, Safety Coordinator

Responsible to maintain, to the highest degree, a safe and healthy work environment for all employees from the Department of Public Works through commitment of education, training and teamwork.

  • Mike Finn, Transportation Planner

Responsible for all aspects of transportation and transportation issues within the Oneida Nation. These duties consist of road engineering and construction, pathways, maintenance needs as well as transportation safety issues.   Also responsible  for keeping updated on all Transportation Highway laws that pertain to the Oneida Nation, as well as the Indian Reservation Road Program (IRR).

  • Karen Smith, Continuous Improvement Specialist

Responsible for the development of teams within the Department of Public Works.  This includes Vision and Mission Statements, Goals, Objectives, Expectations, Performance Evaluations, Recognition, Rewards, Incentives, Conflice Resolution