DPW Administration History


    The Original department was started in 1978 and was known as the Maintenance Garage with just a few workers on hand and one facility to work on. The facility was the Chicago Corners Tribal Building; the Oneida Tribes head quarters and administration offices. Over the years the Tribe expanded a little at a time as needed while utilizing the profits from Bingo and Tobacco sales.  In 1986 the Department of Public Works was developed and the Oneida Tribe combines like services such as the Utility Department, Oneida Construction, and the Wells & Septic program to start with.  Also in 1984 the Tribe made its first major purchase and bought what is now known as the Norbert Hill Center and Tribal High School. 

    In 1992 there was an explosion of development that sent the tribe in a whirl spin from the profits of the new Gaming Casino.  From that time until the present the DPW has had to try and keep up with all the expansion and to date we are still under staffed.   Currently the DPW is responsible for all the health and safety of the Tribe's customers, employees and community members that utilize the Tribe's facilities, roads, and vehicles and many more tribal assets.  We have 1 and 1/2 million sq/ft of facilites that we maintain which consist of office buildings, recretation and out buildings, day cares, etc...  We currently have 185 employees.   The Department of Public Works consist of:









This is just a brief description of the Department of Public Works.  If you would like to hear more about us and the departments, please visit any of the icons for those areas.