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The Development Division provides the services that a responsible/responsive government provides to its community.
These services (PublicWorks services, accomplished day by day are so much a part of life and they are sometimes re they suddenly missed

The Development Division of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin provides services that are (on the outside) split between Federal, State and Local, governments. The common
element is that we exist to serve public need. Water lines are built to provide safe, plentiful water for homes and businesses while providing fire hydrants to protect those same buildings. 
Sewer lines and treatment facilities are built for the protection of public health.  Stormwater installations are designed to protect the public from flooding and damage caused by the increased
flows from urbanization.


The biggest part of the Development Division is the Operations Branch (Public Works Departments).   In the past few years, the workload has increased immensely.  To see the updated list of responsibilities, click on highlighted Operations Report.


 The graph below indicates the number of services the Oneida Tribe's Development Division

offer compared to other municipalities.  


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Services Offered


 Little Bear Development Center - N7332 Water Circle Place
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