About Us:

Mission Statement
"To prepare the Oneida Nation in advance for any immediate or potential situation that threatens community life, property, environment and/or assets of the Oneida Nation."

Bird Flu

The Emergency Management (EM) Department is responsible for obtaining the necessary coordinated support to meet the needs of the Police, Fire, or Rescue Operations for an Emergency or Disaster that has the potential to or has affected the people and/or assets of the Oneida Reservation. The Emergency Management Department specializes in Hazard Mitigation, Warning and Communications, Disaster Response & Recovery, Emergency Preparedness, Preparedness Grants, as well as developing and conducting exercises and training for the Oneida Tribe. EM assists with the development and implementation of the necessary government to government agreements between Federal, Tribal, and State agencies that integrate multi-jurisdictional emergency response plans and actions which encompass the needs of the entire community. 
 This collaboration and coordination with multiple jurisdictions and disciplines assists the Emergency Management Department with its goal of creating a more resilient community, prepared to respond to and recover from emergencies or disasters that may occur.