Emergency Management Agreements

Oneida Emergency Management has agreements with Tribal Departments, Federal, State, Local, and Non-Governmental Agencies. These agreements are in place to support all phases of EM coordination and response efforts, in effort to preserve life safety for the Oneida community and protect the assets of the Oneida Tribe on Indians of WI.



Ashwaubenon Service Agreement 

Brown County Service Agreement     

City of Green Bay Service Agreement 

Town of Oneida Service Agreement 

Outagamie County Service Agreement

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement   

People and Paws Search and Rescue Agreement   

Red Cross Shelter Agreement- Civic Center   

Red Cross Shelter Agreement- Family Fitness Center   

Wisconsin State Frequency Agreement

2-1-1 Agreement  

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Agreement


Adopted and Passed Resolutions:

EMHS 09-22-10-A: East Central Mutual Aid Compact w/ EM-HS

EMHS 07-14-10-A: Mutual Aid Box Alarm Mutual Aid Agreement

EMHS 05-26-10-C: Emergency Response Plan Adoption

EMHS 05-25-10-D: Multi-Hazards Mitigation 5 year Plan

EMHS 03-14-07-A: National Incident Management Standard for Oneida

EMHS 12-20-06-G: Amendments to the Emergency Service Ordinance

EMHS 01-09-08-C: NEW Safety Agreement with ASH/EM-HS

ONEPC 07-15-98-A: Emegency Service Ordinance


Tribal Wide Policies:

EMHS: Emergency/Disaster Communication Plan



* All agreements are available upon request, by calling (920) 869-6650. *