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Program Goals

  • Inspect and upgrade existing renewable energy projects in the community 
  • Issue the final Oneida Wind Power Report that examines options available for wind power development 
  • Integrate a solar thermal system with the newly designed Oneida Resident Centered Care Community (ORCCC) 
  • Develop the division website to showcase energy information and ideas 
  • Investigate energy options that include local production, distribution, and usage that support positive investment 
  • Foster the relationship between a clean energy strategy, sustainable economic development, and livable community 
  • Continue to partner with the Tribal Community and public and private organizations to unify efforts  

Mission: The final outcome of the energy team will be an energy management plan for the Oneida Tribe. In addition, as the team works on completing this initiative, initial and intermediate goals are developed to established guidelines and behavioral changes for the organization. An energy management program improves our energy efficiency and cost saving performances