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Business Committee Resolution 05-19-89-E adopted the Cemetery Law which established the Oneida Tribal Cemetery on the Oneida Reservation. With Business Committee Resolution 01-14-09-E, the Cemetery Law was amended. This amendment transferred the administration of the Cemetery to the Enrollment Department.

Cemetery Name Change: The Oneida Land Commission approved the Oneida Tribal Cemetery be renamed "Oneida Sacred Burial Grounds" per Resolution # 05-11-15-J. New signage will be placed to reflect the name change. The Oneida translation will remain the same "the place where one puts bodies in". Anticipated signage completion date is unknown at this time.

 General Guidelines

Eligibility: Plots are available to Tribal members, their spouse, and their children  

$ 100.00 / plot  

$ 50.00 / marking

Opening and closing fees are the responsibiliy of the family/estate of the deceased individual.

The cemetery is located on W Adam Dr between County Line Rd and S Overland Rd. 


Contact us with any questions.

OTHER INFORMATION:      Cemetery Law