GTC Stipends

Business Committee Resolution 12-10-2008-K permanently adopted the General Tribal Council (GTC) Meeting Stipend Payment Policy.  The policy was created to comply with a GTC directive from the August 11, 2007 GTC Meeting.  GTC directed that a stipend of $100.00 was to be paid to any GTC member who attends a GTC meeting and is eligible to vote and stays until the end of the meeting.

Stipends checks are mailed to the address the tribal member has on file with this department.  If a tribal member needs to change their address, an Address Update must be completed.  Stipend checks are mailed no more than 15 business after a meeting.




  1. Tribal members age 21 and over
  2. Picture ID
  3. Sign In at the start of a GTC meeting must be in line by 15 min after posted start time
  4. Must remain in Designated Meeting Area
  5. Sign Out at the end of a GTC meeting. 

OTHER INFORMATION:      GTC Meeting Stipend Payment Policy