The FY-2013 Tribal Per Capita checks will be mailed on 9/30/13. These checks will be drawn on the Tribe’s financial institution, BMO Harris Bank. We have coordinated with BMO Harris Bank so that any per capita checks cashed at the following locations will not incur any processing fees, but will require either a Driver’s license or a state issued identification:

Green Bay Locations
2614 West Mason St
201 South Military Ave

Seymour Location
205 S Main St

Milwaukee Locations
7600 West Layton Ave
6645 West Oklahoma Ave

Oak Creek
8900 S Howell Ave

Please note: These are the only branches that will offer free checking cash for the Oneida Tribe Per Capita checks. All other branches, normal processing fees will apply. To avoid fees and have faster access to funds, sign up for direct deposit. The direct deposit authorization form is available at the Enrollment Department or online.

Yaw^ko…Thank You for your time and attention!