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Saturday, Sept. 7
9am—4 pm
Registration at 8 am




-Welcome & Opening
-Why this meeting is important
-Being Oneida
-LUNCH & Presentation
-What being Oneida Means
-Sustaining the Future

All Oneidas are invited to participate in the Summit: people of every age, background, religion and way of life. We urge everyone to offer their ideas and to listen respectfully to the ideas of others.

We have the opportunity to have a conversation about the many possibilities for future Oneida generations if we change our criteria for citizenship. Alternatives for Oneida citizenship can be generated by having Oneidas of all ages, from children to elders, participate in creating ideas on the possibilities.

This Summit is just the beginning of the conversation. The Oneida community should take the time needed to talk to make a final decision that benefits the Tribe as a whole. This conversation may take 5-10 years. Although these conversations will be challenging, we must have them to ensure the survival of on^yoteak^ into the future.

We hope that the Sustain Oneida activities will increase awareness and provide opportunities for Oneida Citizens to participate and continue to engage in a conversation about being Oneida, membership criteria and its effect on our long-term survival as the Oneida people.

Committee Subteam

The Sustain Oneida initiative was launched in 2012 by the Trust & Enrollment Committee to help Oneida determine our future citizenship and belonging to on^yoteak^.
The planning team includes Trust & Enrollment Committee members and Tribal staff.