Tribal Cemetery Project 


Purpose of Project

In 2013 community members brought forward concerns regarding: 1) Access to grave sites due to standing water, 2) Possible groundwater impact to grave sites, and 3) Maintenance of Cemetery grounds and individual plots. 

Project Team

To address the concerns, a Cemetery Working Group was formed. The Cemetery Working Group consists of persons from the Trust/Enrollment Committee, Trust & Enrollment Departments, Community Wells and Septic Department, Environmental Department, Department of Land Management, Department of Public Works, Planning Department, and Business Committee.

Project Objective

To date the Cemetery Working Group has developed a strategy, tentative timeline and communication plan. They meet regularly to get updates, identify solutions and work to accomplish their recommendations. The strategy includes resolves for the short, mid, and long term issues.

Other Information

The Cemetery Law identifies that the Enrollment Department is responsible for carrying out the provisions of this law. The Enrollment Department reports to the Trust/Enrollment Committee, therefore the Trust/Enrollment Committee has the Cemetery issues/updates on both the Enrollment and Trust agendas every month until further notice. The Trust/Enrollment Committee meets the 4th Tuesday of each month. These meetings are open to the public, but please contact the Enrollment or Trust Departments if you plan to attend for the location of the meeting.


Who to Contact

Technical Team Recommendations & Status