Technical Team Recommendations & Status Updates

The Cemetery improvements are a multi-year, multi-phase project contingent on funding. This page will be updated when new information becomes available

1. Identify a maintenance specialist to oversee proper care of site. COMPLETE
Mike Nooyen of 1st Choice Landscaping was hired in 2014 to oversee the maintenance of the cemetery property.

2. Install drain tile system to move water westward off site. (On-Going)
Community Wells & Septic completed the installation along the wooded area. Drain tile still needs to be completed on the north side of the main driveway. This phase is contingent on funding. 

3. Install ground water monitoring wells and drain tile. COMPLETE
Eight (8) monitoring wells have been installed in various locations of the cemetery property. These monitoring wells will provide valuable data about the effectiveness of the drain tile, collect data on the water table heights and water flow patterns. A statistician is recording this data and will be able to provide valuable information taken over a period of time.

4. Grade and drain northeast corner of the site.
 This phase is contingent on funding.

5. Lower water level of the Where the Waterbirds Nest wetland restoration area. COMPLETE
Currently the water level has been reduced by 22". Water level will be continue to be monitored on an on-going basis. 

6. Future grave sites backfilled with sandier soils, finished with topsoil and seeded. COMPLETE
Settlement corrections were completed in June 2014. This recommendation will be routine maintenance for all future burials.

7. Install additional monitoring wells east of existing cemetery.
This phase is contingent on funding.

Please note: All projects are dependent on weather.

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