Tax Exemption

Wisconsin Taxation of Indians

This form is for enrolled tribal members residing within the reservation boundaries. It can be used for tax exempt on purchases such furniture, a car, an electric bill, cable bill, or gas bill.

Note: Items must be purchased on or delivered to your place of residence within the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin reservation boundaries.

Reference: Bryan v Itasca County, (426 US 373, 96 s Ct.2102, 48 L, Ed. 2d 710 (1976).

Tax Exempt Form (Adobe.PDF)

Gas Tax Exemption

Effective April 1, 2009 the Gas Tax Exemption will be available to all Oneida Tribal Members regardless of residence, at the Oneida One Stops or Oneida Casino Travel Center, provided the Oneida Tribal Member: 


1. Complete a gas tax exemption application annually. Gas tax exemption status is valid for a maximum of one year, it will expire on your date of birth each year, please renew your gas tax exemption several weeks prior.

Gas Tax Exemption Application (Adobe.PDF)

 2. Present a valid Tribal Id card with barcode at time of fuel purchase.

   Gas Tax Exemption is valid at the following locations:


One Stops

1) E & EE
Address: W790 County Rd E, De Pere WI
Located at the intersection of E & EE.

2) Highway 54
Address: W180 State Hwy 54, Oneida WI
Located at the intersection of 54 and Seminary Rd.

3) Packerland
Address: 3120 S Packerland Dr, Green Bay WI
Located at the intersection of Packerland Dr and Waube Ln

4) Travel Center
Address: 5939 Old State Hwy 29, Pulaski WI
Located just off 29 at the State Hwy 32 Exit.

5) West Wind
Address: 2370 W Mason St, Green Bay WI
Located just off Mason St at the Hinkle St intersection.

6) Larsen

Address: 501 N Packerland Dr, Green Bay WI

Located at the intersection of Packerland Dr and Larsen Rd



Penalties: Any person who provides false or ficticious information on the exemption certificate or uses the fuel purchased tax-exempt in a manner not stated on the exemption certificate may be subject to tax, interest, penalties, and fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than 6 months or both [section 78.73(1), Wis. Stats.]