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Cash crop farm
The Oneida Nation Farms currently is considered to be one of the largest conventional cash crop farms in the North East Wisconsin, which was originally started in 1978, and was then known as the Iroquois Farm. The Iroquois farm consisted of approximately 150 acres and 25 head of cattle.

The Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin,  rents 6,000 plus acres to the Oneida Farm, and about 4000 acres are in various Conservation and Envrionmental  programs.

The Oneida Nation Farm is known for the minimal till and no till practices. We work closely with our crop consultant, NRCS, Oneida Conservation and Envrionmental Departments to comply with regulations on nutrient management programs and other programs that inhance the betterment of the land and air.

We plant and harvest high quality varieties of corn, soybean, alfalfa and winter wheat. The majority of the crops are held for sale to area markets and farmers. Call the Farm if you are interested in purchasing our crops @  1-920-833-7952.  


Busy time , spring planting crops and fall harvesting the crops. 

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