Councilwoman- Trish King

Trish King

Contact Info
Phone:     920-869-4462

Legislative Assistant:  Rhiannon Metoxen
Phone:     920-869-4469

Patricia (Trish) King has been involved in the Oneida Government operations in several capacities for more than 20 years. After being re-elected to another three-year term for the Oneida Business Committee she hopes to keep her areas of interest and responsibility which include economic diversification, business development, and organizational restructure. She also shares interests in the areas of tourism, commerce, Land-to-trust, housing, and service agreements with local municipalities. During her first term she served as Vice-Chairperson of the Legislative Operating Committee, as a member of the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee, and as an alternate delegate to the National Congress of American Indians. Her goals for this term is to continue in most of these efforts and expand her interests in commerce development.

Councilwoman King has gained her knowledge and expertise through first hand experience as direct support for the Oneida Business Committee since 1986 and through six administrations. In July of 2002, she was elected to her first term of office. Prior to her experience with the Business Committee Patricia was employed in various other departments of the Tribe since 1979.

Councilwoman King has completed course work in Business Management, accounting, and Administrative Assistant. She completed 92 credits toward her Bachelor of Arts in Business Organization through the extended degree program at Concordia College.

Councilwoman King was an operating partner in a recreational business called the Kingdome, an indoor golf driving range. She and her husband Harlan worked on the initial phases of this project through the completion in four years. As General Manager of the Kingdome she was responsible for financial, employees, payroll, cashiering, vendors, purchasing and sales.

As Chairwoman for the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation Trish continued to build her expertise in the business development area. Trish volunteered her time with her husband on the development of the Oneida Community Little League, Inc. They successfully incorporated as a nonprofit community organization in 2002. She still volunteers her time and does fund raising for this organization.

Trish is the daughter of Samanthia (Metoxen) and James Farmer. She has five brothers and four sisters. Her husband is Harlan King, son of David (Sonny) and Jean (Skenandore) King. Harlan has two daughters, Julie and Carol, and one granddaughter, Isis.

Patricia enjoys working for her Nation and is committed to serving the Oneida Nation in a manner that will guide the Tribe in a direction of self-sufficiency while preserving sovereignty.