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(L-R: Racquel Hill, Corrina Charles, Pat Cornelius, Ted Hawk, Ameila Cornelius, Orville Cornelius and Ron McLester)

The Land Committee was created by General Tribal Council on February 28, 1941, in 1977 the committee was expanded to a seven member board. 

They are policy makers for the Division of Land Management, and have recently been named an "Elected Commission" through the "Real Property Law".  The Commission oversees land acquisitions, leases, loan approvals, land use and other issues related to tribal land. 

The purpose of the Oneida Land Commission is a seven (7) member elected body that oversees land acquisitions, leases, loan approvals, land use, probates, and all other issues related to Oneida tribal land.

Members are:

Amelia Cornelius, Chairperson
Patricia Cornelius, Vice-Chairperson
Racquel Hill, Secretary

Corinna Charles, Member
Weldon “Ted” Hawk, Member
Gary Jordan, Member
Tehassi Hill, Member 
The Land Commission can be reached by contacting Amelia Cornelius at 920.497.5850.