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Chairman's Welcome

Dear Friends and Constituents,

Greetings and welcome to the Oneida Legislative Operating Committee (LOC) website. This site is designed as an informational and research tool where you can find our laws, LOC Council Member pages, public hearing notices, minutes and other important legislative information.

This site will serve as a useful tool for the Oneida people, as together, we shape a better nation for today and future generations.

LOC Meetings

To obtain an agenda request form, contact the Legislative Reference Office (LRO) at 869-4240 or via e-mail at

Please note, the information on the website is continuously being updated, so you are encouraged to visit frequently. For assistance obtaining legislation research, you may also contact the Legislative Reference Office (LRO) at (920)869-4240.


Trish King, Chairperson
Oneida Legislative Operating Committee

Meet The Members

Legislative Reference Office
P.O. Box 365 | Oneida, WI 54155 | 920.869.4240 | 800.236.2214 | Fax 920.869.4040

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