Oneida Tribal Judicial System

The Oneida Tribal Judical System is also known as the Oneida Appeals Commission. The Oneida Tribal Judicial System enhances and protects the self-government and sovereignty of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, whose jurisdiction extends over all persons and cases in law and equity arising with in the boundaries of the Oneida Tribe, or cases that affect the Oneida Tribe under the protection of the Oneida Constitution.

The enactment of the Oneida Tribal Judical System provides a clear separation of powers, consistent procedures of law and rule-making, and due process for the Tribal members. The Administrative Procedures Act requires the Oneida Tribe to provide a forum for appeals of administrative errors and contested issues that ensures fairness and notice to Oneida Tribal members. Under the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, U.S.C. (Sec 1301-1303) the federal government supports tribal members' rights to 'petition for redress of grievance.' The Oneida Tribal Judiciary fulfills that responsibility.

Judiciary Transition

The first step in transitioning to the new Judiciary is implementing the Family Court. The court will begin hearing cases October 1, 2013.

The draft Oneida Family Court Rules are ready for public comment by Oneida Tribal members. Visit the
Judiciary Transition Information webpage to learn how to submit written comments. The Judicary Transition Information page provides the latest  information about the transition, so please check back often.

Case Types Reviewed

The following is a list of cases the Oneida Tribal Judical System currently reviews:
  Employment disputes
Tribal enrollment disputes
Hunting and Fishing disputes
Foreclosures and Evictions 
Workers Compensation 
Garnishments (Child Support and Tribal Debts)
Child Support (i.e. Paternity and Custody)
Probate (inheritance)
Tribal Elections
Oneida Constitutional Issues
Disputes between tribal entities
Disputes between individuals
Judicial Seal  
3759 West Mason Street, 
P.O. Box 19
Oneida, WI  54155

in Ridgeview Plaza, Suite 1

Phone: 920-497-5800
Fax: 920-497-5805
Trial Court  
Appellate Court Judges
Left to right front - Sandra Skenadore, Jean Webster, Mary Adams; Back - Leland Ninham
Appellate Court
Trial Court Judges
Left to right: Lois Powless, Jennifer Webster, Stanley Webster, Winnifred Thomas, Janice McLester

Click HERE to view the updated JUDICIAL CODE.