Opinions 2009

The purpose of this page is to provide the public with the most recent opinions as they become published.  Therefore, this page shall be updated periodically.  When 2009 is complete those opinions will convert into a new Oneida Nation Reporter volume for 2010. 

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    Appellate Court Opinions:

08-AC-021 and 022 Stanchik v OPD 1-27-09

08-AC-020 Prevost v OB-C 1-30-09

08-AC-007 Cornelius v OPC 2-10-09

08-AC-017 OB-C v Hoffman 2-27-09

08-AC-024 Thomas v Martin 2-26-09

08-AC-026 Cornelius v Library 3-17-09

08-AC-025 Hill v Wallenfang 4-6-09

08-AC-012 n 002 Somers v OPD n OGC 4-20-09

09-AC-005 Native Alliance Corp v Retail Div 5-21-09

08-AC-027, Blaser v Gauthier, 6-3-09

08-AC-002 and 012, Somers v OPD and OGC, 6-12-09

08-AC-028, OB and C v Charles, 6-15-09

09-AC-008, Powless v Steinfeldt, 7-13-09

09-AC-001, Lester Harms v OPD, 7-21-09

09-AC-007, OB and C v Jodi Hoffman, 8-19-09

09-AC-010 HRD v OPC 9-8-09

09-AC-009 Cottrell v OB and C Slot Dept 9-10-09

09-AC-003-006 Blaser v Gauthier 10-26-09

09-AC-011 Denny, Bingo and Casino v Doxtator, HRD, 12-8-09


Appellate Court Opinions for 2010

09-AC-017 Gerhardt v Oneida Bingo & Casino, 1-4-10

09-AC-015, Johnson v Reiter and Becker, 2-12-10


    Trial Court Opinions:

08-TC-099 Ellis v HRD 1-12-09

08-TC145 Miller v John-OHA 2-16-09

08-TC-117 Native Alliance Corp v Retail et al 2-16-09

08-TC-009 Doxtator v HRD 3-11-09

08-TC-158Vandehei v Powless et al 3-19-09

08-TC-098 DOLM v Peters 3-26-09

09-TC-017 Andersen v HRD-Benefits 4-30-09

08-TC-115 OPC v HRD 5-1-09

09-TC-059, Racquel Hill v DOLM, 7-22-09

09-TC-031, DOLM v Brian Hill, 8-5-09

08-TC-158 Vandehei v Powless, et al MTD 9-8-09

09-TC-083 Smith v HRD 11-18-09

09-TC-141 Metoxen v King III, 12-3-09

09-TC-074 Brocker v HRD-Benefits, 12-23-09

09-TC-103 Leschig v Wheelock, OHA, 12-23-09


Trial Court Opinions for 2010:

09-TC-020, DOLM v Smith, 1-15-10

09-TC-136, Shampo v HRD-Benefits and Crawford Ins, 1-15-10

06-TC-019, Cornelius v Oneida Library and HRD, 2-13-10

09-TC-140, Metoxen and Debraska v OBC, 1-27-10

09-TC-149, Reckelberg v HRD-Benefits and Crawford Ins, 2-23-10

10-TC-023, Spaulding v Danforth, 2-25-10

10-TC-024, Kasee v Drew-Skenandore, 2-25-10

10-TC-026, Kasee v OPD, 3-2-026

10-TC-025, House v Wheelock - OHA, 3-8-10

10-TC-030, Spaulding v Schroeder, 3-16-10

10-TC-026, Kasee v OPD, 3-31-10