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The mission of the Oneida Dental clinic; We strive to provide quality dental care and stress the importance of early prevention to positively affect the patient's quality of life using sound Public Health Principles.



Our vision is for the patient to consider the Oneida Dental Clinic as their first choice in obtaining dental care. The Oneida Seven Generation Plan is utilized to assist in concentrating on planning for the future of the clinic and the patient=s that the clinic serves.


Oneida Community Health Center

525 Airport Drive

Oneida, WI 54155


7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., M-F




Dr. Bill Stempski, D. D. S., General Dentistry and Director of Dentistry

Dr. Lis Frechette, D. D. S., General Dentistry

Dr. Barton Mapes, D. D. S., General Dentistry

 Services & Eligibility Description(s)

 General Dentistry:

Comprehensive dental services provided include, examination, dental cleaning, x-rays, restorations (fillings) both silver and resin (tooth colored), root canals, tooth removal, crowns, fixed bridges, removable partials and dentures, relines and repairs to partials and dentures along with preventive service of fluoride, sealants and patient education.



Patient's who are Oneida also have the opportunity for Orthodontics (braces).


The patient is our most important indicator of a successful practice

Clinic success is measured by successful restoration of the patient's occlusion

A team philosophy is always utilized to deliver patient care

All providers are encouraged to express their suggestions for a successful practice

All providers will remain current in the latest trends in dentistry and implement them where applicable