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Division of Land Management (DOLM) is seeking names for the following areas: 

Please submit all name recommendations to the Attention of the Oneida Land Commission at:
Division of Land Management, PO Box 365, Oneida, WI 54155 or Email:
Deadline date for submissions is Friday, July 11, 2014 at 4:30 pm.  

Upcoming Development Sites:



Seminary Rd N6700, N6723, N6800 & N6699 – the Former Grace Kurowski parcels
The original allottees: Peter Cornelius, David Jourdan          

W700 Block of Meadowlark Drive, N6500, N6600, N6700, N6800, N6891 & N6895 –Former Guntlisbergen parcels
The original allottees: George Webster, Aron Denny, Jacob Hill, Abram Summerso

Old Seymour Rd/Seminary Rd N6960, N6966, N6969, N6972- Former Vande Walle East/West parcels
The original allottees: Sarah Hill, William Archiquetter, Jonas Danforth, Abram Danforth, Martin Hill, William Archiquette, Cornelius Baird, Adam King, Forest Baird, Belinda Baird

FF Outlet; 3000 & 3100 Eagle Terrace, 400, 500, 600, 3700, 3800 and 431 Hillcrest Drive, 1300 and 1400 Rivedale Drive – Former Gregory Decaster parcels    

The original allottees: Carrie Hill, Talbot Silas, Electa House      

Wintergreen Investments parcel: Sec 9, T23 N- R19E, Town of Oneida, County E/U, Outagamie County –Sledding Hill        

The original allottess: John Danforth        




Parks and other areas:  


County J & North Overland Road – Quarry Former Beverly Konkle
The original allottees: Sophia McAllister, Sarah Hill  

Valley Drive/Freedom Road –Silver Creek Area – Former Elmer & Delores and Lancelle
The original allottees: Peter Hill, Solomon John