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Division of Land Management (DOLM) is seeking names for the following areas:  

Upcoming Development Sites:   

Seminary Rd N6700, N6723, N6800 & N6699 – the Former Grace Kurowski parcels Original allottees:  Peter Cornelius, David Jourdan  

W700 Block of Meadowlark Drive, N6500, N6600, N6700, N6800, N6891 & N6895 – Former Guntlisbergen parcels Original allottees:  George Webster, Aron Denny, Jacob Hill, Abram Summers  

Old Seymour Rd/Seminary Rd N6960, N6966, N6969, N6972- Former Vande Walle East/West parcels Original allottees:  Sarah Hill, William Archiquetter, Jonas Danforth, Abram Danforth, Martin Hill, William Archiquette, Cornelius Baird, Adam King, Forest Baird, Belinda Baird  

FF Outlet; 3000 & 3100 Eagle Terrace, 400, 500, 600, 3700, 3800 and 431 Hillcrest Drive, 1300 and 1400 Rivedale Drive – Former Gregory Decaster parcels Original allottees:  Carrie Hill, Talbot Silas, Electa House  

Inner road/Street:

Inner road/street connected to Henry Drive and Minoka Hill Drive (Elderly Complex & Apartments) – Former Smits parcels Original allottees:  Lewis Elm, William Powless, Peter Hill, Kate Elm, Rachel Elm, Baptist King 

Parks and other areas:

Cooper Road/HWY 54 Buffalo Overlook- Former Marie VanDeBruggen Original allottees:  Mary T. Clinch, Cyrenys Smith, Myron Smith  

Olson Road/Foxtails – Former Tillman Landscape  Original allottees:  Sarah Sears, Willis Hill, Flanagan Hill, Joel Reid, Alkana Reid, Olive Reid, Edwin Reid, John Reid  

County J & North Overland Road – Quarry Former Beverly Konkle Original allottees:  Sophia McAllister, Sarah Hill  

Crook Rd & CTY U – Future Oneida Lake – Former John & Karen Binkowski Original allotees:  Thomas Baird, John Powless, Simon Powless  

Seminary Rd – Norbert Hill Woods – Former Diocese Land  Original allotees:  Wilson Skenandoah, Jacob Skenandoah, Nelson Skenandoah, Celinda Skenandoah, Sarah Hill, Martin Denny, Lewis Denny, U.S School Reserve, George Doxtator  

Adam Drive – Where the Water Birds Nest – Former Winter Green Investments Original allotees:  Josiah Archiquette, Irene Archiquette, Susan Hill, William Swamp, Baptist Swamp, Thomas House Jr., Simon Swamp, Jacob Swamp,   

Valley Drive/Freedom Road – Silver Creek Area – Former Elmer & Delores and Lancelle  Original allottees:  Peter Hill, Solomon John  

Please submit all name recommendations to the Attention of the Oneida Land Commission at:
Division of Land Management, PO Box 365, Oneida, WI 54155 or Email:   

Deadline date for submissions is Monday, March 3, 2014 at 4:30 pm.


From Amelia Cornelius, LC Chairperson (Sept. 20, 2012)

Oneida Community Members  
The Oneida Land Commission has formally selected the name of the new nursing home and residential care building located next to the Lee McLester Elder Complex.  The name selected is the ANNA JOHN RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY CARE CENTER.
The only name submitted (by numerous individuals) for the county H recreation center and approved by the Oneida Land Commission is: CLIFFORD WEBSTER SR. BUILDING.

Names submitted for the ball field were Hilton Charles Ball Park, Dan George Field, William (Bill) Danforth Ball Diamond, Little Brother, Strong Wind, Oneida Mission Athletic Field, Doxtator-John-Smits Athletic Field, Oneida Mission Baseball Field, Oneida Nation Ball Field, Vernon Ninham Ball Field, Edwin King Sr. Ball Field and Oneida Field of Dreams.  After listening to the letters of recommendation from family members, the Land Commission second vote ended in a tie between William (Bill) Danforth Ball Diamond and the Oneida Mission Baseball Field.  As chair of the Commission I was given the vote to break the tie.  It was a difficult and challenging decision, but I broke the tie by selecting the ONEIDA MISSION BASEBALL FIELD.   

The tribe has many respected men who could have been honored by the field named after them, but I did not want to choose just one, so I selected the one that recognized that the land was restored to the Tribe by the Oneida Episcopal Church back in the 1940’s for recreational purposes.  

In closing, I, along with the Land Commissioners want to thank those who contributed to the naming of the residential care facility, the recreation center and the ball field.

Amelia Cornelius, Chair
Oneida Land Commission     


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