Rental Units and Trailer Court Lot Vacancies  


Rental Opportunities through the Oneida Division of Land Management   

The Division of Land Management has residential rental opportunities available to tribal members.  We have 62 rentals.  Twenty six are in a secured building setting.  Monthly rental rates are competitive and almost all units are located within the Oneida Reservation boundaries (Oneida or West Green Bay area). When renting a home or duplex the tenant is responsible for all utilities, lawn care and snow removal.   

Our eighteen Standing Stone apartments are approximately 900 sq. foot, 2 bedroom units.  The garage has a remote and is secured with entry into the building hallway.  There are onsite laundry facilities.  Tenants in the apartment setting are provided with snow removal, grass cutting, water/sewer and heat.  

Applications are processed by means of a point system that focuses on the applicants' residential history, credit and employment history, and the ability for the applicant to comfortably afford additional necessary living expenses.  Applications are held for one year and will be scored for each unit as they become available.  The highest scored applicant will be offered the available rental unit.  Declining a unit will not move you to the bottom of the list.   

An existing tenant may elect to transfer from our apartments to duplexes or homes that become available. Payroll deduction is available to tribal employees.    

The Oneida Tribe has designated the Housing Resource Coordinator as a one point entry into the Tribe‚Äôs rental opportunities.  Housing Resource Coordinator is located at the Oneida Housing Authority, 2913 Commissioner St., Oneida.  Please call Cindy if you have questions or concerns at 869-2227 ext 6191.  All qualified applications are forwarded to Land Management. 


 We ask that all customers interested in our rental opportunities to contact OHA.  There is an application process and we have provided this application below for your convenience.  Please be aware that this application requires extensive information such as;  

  • Your current living arrangements
  • Dependent(s) information
  • Employment verification
  • Proof of income
  • Landlord inquiry
  • Copies of social security cards, photo ID, etc.

    Lack of furnishing all required information deems your application incomplete thus delaying it from moving forward.  It is strongly recommended that interested applicants schedule an appointment with Mr. Webster prior to submitting this application. He is equipped with the knowledge and information to assist you in deciding if our rental options will meet your needs as well as direct you to outside sources that may be of some use to you.  Please call (920) 869-2227 to request an application 


    Thank you for your interest. Click here for APPLICATION. 

    Example of our Standing Stone Apartments.

    SS apartments