Special Exhibits 2013

Annual Youth Art Auction and Exhibit 

   The Revitalization of Corn Husk Man 

  From Here to There: Transportation Methods Used by the Lotinuhsyu·ní· 

As Long as the Grass is Green: 400th Anniversary of the Two-Row Wampum belt, 1613-2013 

  Ongoing Exhibits 

Oneida Culture
 The Creation Story, Oneida Clans, Cycle of Ceremonies, Kanehelat&ksla (Thanksgiving Address)

 Longhouse (Interactive Area) Revolutionary War
 Land Claims/Canandaigua Treaty
 Village Diorama
 Removal and Resettlement
 Baskets, Pottery and Beadwork
 Iroquois Silverwork
 Woodworking and Contemporary Arts
 Oneida Veterans