Past Exhibits 

Beaver WarsThe Beaver Wars were not an actual war. This term
refers to the fighting between tribes and Europeans
for the best places to hunt beaver.

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Boarding Schools 


Christian Artifacts 


Clan System 

Community Photo Wall 

Contemporary Clothes 

The Early clothing of the Iroquois consisted of furs
and tanned skins. They were gradually replaced by
manufactured materials, which were introduced by
early Europeans.


All parts of the corn were utilized for food, medicines,
and household items.

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These were used to transport children. Some people
still use them today.


Early Oneida Community Life 

George Washington & Chief Shenondoah Display 

Iroquois Arts and Crafts Traditional Thru Contemporary 

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Iroquois Family  

 Iroquois Dolls 1999 

On display were Contemporary, Dressed, Charachter,
and Traditional Dolls.

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Iroquois Social Dance 




Social dances are held during celebrations, community 
gatherings, special events, and after ceremonies.


The Works of Oneida Artist Jim Hill 


Medicine Plants 

Many Iroquois people still have knowledge to use
medicine plants for healing. The Iroquois knowledge of
plants has contributed much to today’s modern medicine

Oneida Lace Makers  

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Oneida Land Claims 





The Oneida Language 

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Oneida Music 

    Oneida Hymn Signers 

    Oneida Bands 

    Dennison Wheelock 

Oneida Persistence and Growth 

The Oneida’s, as a Nation, have made remarkable progress
from their times of trouble.

Oneida Veterans 



The Oneida Police Department enhances the enforcement
capacity of the Oneida Tribe of Oneida Laws on the
Oneida Reservation


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Quilts - August 28, 1999 (One day only)  

Twenty-three quilts were on display that day. 

Hiawatha Waumpum Belt - Elaine Skenandore-Cornelius
60" x 90"

Robert Bennett  


 Roles and Responsibilities 

Clanmothers, Faithkeepers, People, Sub-chiefs, and 






Storytelling is normally done during the winter months 
when outdoor chores and activities are at minimum.







2008 Student Art  

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2009 Annual Oneida Youth Art Show and Silent Auction 

Halloween video