Annual Oneida Youth Art Show and Silent Auction 

Each year, the Oneida Nation Museum showcases artworks done by Oneida students at the high school level. This event helps to encourage the talents and creativity of our young artists. It also provides the students with the opportunity to learn more about Oneida culture and traditions. 

The public is invited to bid on the pieces during the silent auction. All of the proceeds from the silent auction go back to the students.  Bidding has been extended to Friday, December 13th at 4:30pm.  Winning bidders will be announced on Monday, December 16th and payment will be due (by cash or check made payable to the artist) by Friday, December 27th.  For more information on placing a bid, please click here.   

To place a bid, either stop in to the museum or call Sara at (920) 869-6531 (if leaving a message, please include your name, contact information, artwork # or artist name and bid amount) or send an e-mail with the same information to  To inquire about bid amounts, please check below (only the three highest bids will be displayed) or call the museum.  This page will be updated every evening throughout the auction.  Thank you for helping to support our young artists. Click on image for larger view. 

    /uploadedImages/Youth Art 001.jpg                      /uploadedImages/Youth Art 002.jpg                      /uploadedImages/Youth Art 003.jpg                                    

1. Jeanette Dick, ONHS, 11th             2. Karissa Cornelius, ONHS, 11th           3. Tia Moore, ONHS, 9th 

$15 - Judy Robb $20 - Susan White

$15 - Earl Jordan 

$10 - Vickie E. Cornelius   $10 - Sylvia Cornelius 





  /uploadedImages/Youth Art 006.jpg                         /uploadedImages/Youth Art 008.jpg                                  /uploadedImages/6. Shawntel Skenadore.jpg               

4. Kaylynn Powless, ONHS, 12th           5. Lindsey Danforth, ONHS, 12th           6. Shawntel Skenadore, ONHS, 12th 

$15 - Stephanie Metoxen $45 - TerryLee Blackowl

$10 - Kristina Ackley 

$10 - Raeann Skenandore   $25 - Laura Manthe 






  /uploadedImages/7. Sheila Stevens(1).jpg                       /uploadedImages/8. Isaac Reed.jpg                      /uploadedImages/9. Luke Penchoff.jpg                           

7. Sheila Stevens, ONHS, 11th             8. Isaac Reed, ONHS, 11th                    9. Luke Penchoff, ONHS, 10th  

$15 - Vicky Blaker $45 - Judy Robb

$10 - Judy Robb 

$10 - Stephanie Metoxen   $40 - Judi Skenandore


  $35 - Judy Robb




  /uploadedImages/10. Dante Thomas.jpg                           /uploadedImages/11. Lillian Stands.jpg                 /uploadedImages/12. Angelica Schuyler.jpg                                        

 10. Dante Thomas, "Dante's Peak" 

ONHS, 11th                                           11. Lillian Stands , ONHS, 10th              12. Angelica Schuyler, ONHS, 11th 

$40 - Maxine Thomas $10 - Judy Robb 

$20 - Eugene Schubert 

$30 - Cynthia Thomas  


$25 - Susan White




   /uploadedImages/13. Grace Powless.jpg                      /uploadedImages/14. Jozelyn Nicholson.jpg                             /uploadedImages/15. Tyler Stevens.jpg                                     

13. Grace Powless, ONHS, 10th                   14. Jozelyn Nicholson, ONHS, 10th             15. Tyler Stevens, ONHS, 12th   

$20 - Greg Powless  $50 - Jolene Nicholson $30 - Ida Stevens
$10 - Kristina Ackley  $40 - Judy Robb

$20 - Judy Robb


$35 - Alyssa Werner

$10 - Jennifer Woodcock   

/uploadedImages/16. Kyle Cree(1).JPG                           /uploadedImages/17. Matthew Powless(1).JPG                 /uploadedImages/18. Vincent Webster(2).JPG   

 16. Kyle Cree, ONHS, 11th                    17. Matthew Powless, ONHS, 12th             18. Vincent Webster, ONHS                                                   

 $20 - Tanya Wood  $30 - Tanya Wood $25 - Maxine Thomas
 $10 - Kristina Ackley  $20 - Kristina Ackley  

$20 - Vicky Blaker



$15 - Anita Barber