Oneida CFO gets national recognition


By Travis Cottrell - Kalihwisaks

The Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA) recently recognized Oneida Tribal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Larry Barton for his work within the Oneida Tribal organization. At the 31st annual NAFOA Conference, held in Nashville, Barton was presented with the CFO of the Year Award. NAFOA is an independent national non-profit organization providing leadership for the advancement of Native American economics.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting to get any type of an award.  The organizers contacted me prior to the conference and I thought they were going to ask me to sit in on a panel or discussion,” Barton said.

The call instead informed Barton that he had been named CFO of the Year by the association.

Oneida Treasurer Tina Danforth, who works with Barton often, holds him in high regard.

“Larry Barton is a great CFO, he’s a tribal member, and he really understands the finance industry.  He understands the General Tribal Council, he’s a former Council member, and he really understands community relations relative to revenue flow, which is really important,” Danforth said.

The national award demonstrates how well the Finance Department does at managing Tribal finances during a national recession.

“This award Larry has received speaks to the Oneida Tribe’s positive representation throughout the country and the exceptional job he has done individually for his tribe,” Danforth added.

The troubled state of the national economy has forced the Finance Department to be more restrictive with revenues or find alternative methods in an effort to save money.  Efforts to maintain the economic state of the Oneida Tribe have been a team effort, a fact that Barton is quick to point out.

“I am humbled by this award and appreciate the resourcefulness of NAFOA in support and advancement of Sovereignty for Native communities.  The award is a reflection of the leadership, of our Treasurer Ms. Tina Danforth, and the dedicated staff of the Finance Area, Ms. Denise Vigue, Ms. Ralinda Ninham-Lamberies, and Mr. Terry Cornelius.  The recognition is shared by all Oneidas.  Lastly, I appreciate the dedication of Mr. Bill Lomax, President of NAFOA toward supporting Tribal Communities,” Barton said.

On April 24th the Oneida Business Committee held a special recognition for the CFO and his accolade before the committee’s regular meeting.  Again he stressed the importance of the team that makes up the Finance Department.