OSGC, Oneida Tribe Hit with $400 Million Lawsuit

By Nate Wisneski - Kalihwisaks

Generation Clean Fuels, LLC filed a lawsuit seeking $397.7 million in damages from Oneida Seven Generations Corporation (OSGC), Green Bay Renewable Energy LLC (a subsidiary of OSGC), and the Oneida Tribe for breach of contracts regarding OSGC’s waste-to-energy plants.

The tribe’s General Tribal Council (GTC) voted to dissolve OSGC last December which makes contracts signed between the two parties non-executable.

Generation Clean Fuels, LLC is asking to recoup 49% of the project’s loss profits valued at $122.5 million, lease payments valued at $22.2 million, a loss on cost of fees totaling $3 million, and loss in value of General Clean Fuels, LLC of $250 million.

The embattled tribally owned corporation had faced recent tumultuous times as it focused on a proposed waste-to-energy facility. The plant temporarily found homes in Hobart, Ashwaubenon, Green Bay, and Oneida before ultimately being shelved after the GTC voted it out of reservation boundaries.

OSGC fully owned and operated seven limited liability companies (LLC) and had partial ownership of five others. Between those 12 LLCs there were 15 properties under OSGC management.

The Oneida Business Committee released the below statement this afternoon.

As reported in the Green Bay Press Gazette and other media outlets, the Oneida Tribe, the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation, and Green Bay Renewable Energy, LLC were named as defendants in a lawsuit seeking nearly $400 million in damages. You can find a link to the complaint filed in the case at:


It is the Tribe’s policy not to publicly comment on issues under litigation in our efforts to protect the integrity and not to interfere with the legal process. We can tell you that we are devoting all necessary resources and will vigorously defend the Oneida Tribe and its interests. We will be filing a response to the lawsuit within thirty days of the date it was served on us, and will update you at that time.