Caucus Kicks Off 2014 Tribal Election Season
By Nate Wisneski - Kalihwisaks (Email Nate)

The 2014 Oneida Tribal election season has officially kicked off as potential candidates declared their intentions to fill seats on the tribe’s committees, commissions, boards, and judiciary during the caucus on Saturday, April 12.

The 2014 General Election results will create a new mix within the Oneida Business Committee (OBC). Preliminary caucus results have current Vice-Chairman Greg Matson challenging current Chairman Ed Delgado for the OBC’s highest perch. Secretary Patty Hoeft declined her nomination for re-election and current Councilmember Melinda Danforth accepted her nomination to run for the Vice-Chairperson position.

Potential candidates have until Monday, April 21 to turn in applications. At that point the Oneida Election Board will review and ensure candidates meet the requirements of the elected position they are seeking.

“An (Election) Board meeting is held for the Board to review applications for completeness and determine candidate eligibility. The designated copy of the triplicated application is furnished to Enrollments Department for verification of Tribal enrollment of applicant and or petitioners and to Backgrounds Department for background checks for the vacancies with this requirement. An application check list is utilized and completed by the Election Board members,” said Election Board Vice-Chair Racquel Hill.

The primaries are scheduled for May 12 and the draft ballot with all candidates has an expected completion date of April 30.

The 2014 General Election will have tribal members voting for positions on the Oneida Business Committee, Judges for the new Judiciary, Gaming Commission, Land Commission, Commission on Aging, Election Board, Land Claims, Trust/Enrollment, and School Board.

The 2014 General Election will be held Saturday, July 12. Both the primary and general election will be held at the Oneida Community Health Center and SEOTS Building in Milwaukee. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.